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Flooring in Cornwall

Choose The Right Flooring Supplier in Cornwall

If you’re looking for flooring in Cornwall, there are several places where you can find a wide range of choices. Here are a few options: 

Local Flooring Stores

Cornwall has various flooring stores where you can explore different types of flooring materials, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, and tile. Some well-known stores in Cornwall include Carpetright, Parker Wade and Oakley Products. These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in selecting the right flooring for your needs. 

When choosing a flooring supplier, consider factors such as product quality, pricing, customer reviews, and after-sales service. It’s also a good idea to compare quantity between products and to see how long they have been trading for, also seeing the product in real life is very important. 

Benefits of buying local flooring in Cornwall

Local flooring shops often provide personalised service and attention to their customers. They may have knowledgeable staff who can offer expert advice and guide you in selecting the right flooring materials based on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. They can also answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations tailored to your requirements. 

Local flooring shops are also familiar with the region’s climate, building practices, and design trends. They understand the unique needs of flooring in Cornwall and can provide insights and recommendations based on their local expertise. They may also have knowledge of local suppliers and installers, making it easier for you to find reliable professionals for installation or maintenance.

Despite being local, flooring shops often offer a diverse range of flooring options. They may carry a variety of materials, styles, colours, and finishes to suit different tastes and budgets. You can browse through their selection and physically see and feel the flooring options, which can be helpful in making a well-informed decision.

Oakley Products who are based in Plymouth and offer flooring in Cornwall, can offer a wide range of options, that can be delivered next day if necessary as they hold large stocks, also being able to visit a showroom is extremely useful to see larger samples of the boards. Also being local, on larger developments they offer the service of site visits, this helps to build a link with the company and staff as well as get a better idea of what the product will look like in your home.  

genuine reclaimed wood flooring in Cornwall

Supporting the Local Economy of buying flooring in Cornwall

Choosing to buy local flooring in Cornwall helps support the local economy. It contributes to the growth and sustainability of local businesses, which, in turn, can have positive impacts on the community. By supporting local businesses, you help create jobs, foster economic development, and maintain a vibrant local marketplace.

After-Sales Support

Local flooring shops are more likely to provide after-sales support and assistance if you encounter any issues with the purchased flooring materials. They may offer warranty services, advice on installation or maintenance, and be more accessible for addressing any concerns or questions that may arise.

Quick Access to Samples and Stock

Local flooring shops often have physical showrooms where you can view and touch samples of various flooring materials. This allows you to assess the quality, colour, texture, and overall appearance of the flooring options before making a purchase. Additionally, local shops may have their stock readily available, enabling faster delivery or pickup compared to ordering online.

Re-buy Stock

If you wanted to continue the flooring in another area of your house, having purchased from a local supplier means that you can go back and purchase the same floor again, whereas online purchasing you risk not being able to purchase the same floor again as they are always changing their stock lines depending on what’s their fastest sellers. 

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Benefits of a site visit before ordering

Conducting a site visit before buying flooring in Cornwall allows for evaluation of subfloor conditions, visualising options, identifying specific needs or challenges, interacting with experts, and enhancing cost estimation. It ensures that you make an informed decision and can help streamline the entire flooring installation process.

A site visit before buying flooring in Cornwall can offer several benefits. Here are some advantages of conducting a site visit: 

Evaluation of Subfloor Conditions

During a site visit, you can assess the condition of the subfloor. This is important because the condition of the subfloor can affect the choice of flooring material and the installation process. It allows you to identify any potential issues such as uneven surfaces, moisture problems, or subfloor repairs that may need to be addressed before installation.

Interaction with Flooring Experts

During a site visit when looking for flooring in Cornwall, you can meet with flooring experts or installers who can provide valuable insights and recommendations. They can evaluate the site conditions, address your questions or concerns, and offer advice on the most suitable flooring materials and installation methods for your specific requirements. This direct interaction can lead to a more customised and informed decision when buying flooring in Cornwall.

Visualising Flooring Options

Being at the actual location helps you visualise how different flooring options will look in the space. You can consider factors such as lighting, room size, existing decor, and adjacent areas to make a more informed decision about the flooring material, colour, and style. It can also help you determine if the chosen flooring will complement the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the room.

Enhanced Cost Estimation

By visiting the site, you can also get a better understanding of any additional costs associated with the flooring installation. This may include factors such as floor preparation, removal of existing flooring, levelling, or any specific installation requirements. Having a clearer picture of these potential costs upfront can help you budget more accurately and avoid unexpected expenses when buying flooring in Cornwall.

Identifying Specific Needs or Challenges

A site visit allows you to identify any specific needs or challenges related to the flooring installation. For example, you may need to consider factors such as high traffic areas, potential moisture exposure, or specific requirements for commercial spaces. By observing the site first-hand, you can discuss these concerns with flooring professionals and explore suitable solutions or alternative options when buying flooring in Cornwall.

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hardwood flooring used in a living room 500x350
hardwood flooring living room 500x350

What you need to be aware of before ordering your flooring online

While ordering flooring online can be convenient, there are some potential problems to consider. Here are a few challenges you might encounter when ordering flooring online: 

Limited Assessment of Quality

When ordering flooring online, you rely on product descriptions, images, and customer reviews to assess the quality of the flooring material. However, it can be challenging to accurately gauge the texture, colour, and overall appearance of the flooring without physically seeing and touching it. This can lead to discrepancies between your expectations and the actual product received.

Variation in Colour and Pattern

Flooring materials, especially natural products like hardwood or stone, can have variations in colour, grain, and pattern. Ordering online may not give you the opportunity to select the specific variation you prefer. Additionally, the colours shown on the website may not always match the actual product due to variations in computer monitor settings or lighting conditions.

Difficulty in Matching Existing Flooring

If you’re trying to match new flooring to existing flooring in your space, it can be challenging to achieve a seamless transition when ordering online. Differences in colour, texture, and overall appearance may become apparent when the two are installed side by side.

Shipping and Delivery Challenges

Flooring materials can be heavy, bulky, and fragile, making them more susceptible to damage during shipping. There is a risk of receiving damaged or defective products, which can delay your project and require additional time and effort for returns or replacements. Moreover, some online retailers may have limited shipping options or additional costs for delivering flooring materials to certain areas.

Lack of In-Person Expertise

Ordering flooring online means you may miss out on the expertise and guidance that in-person professionals at local stores can provide. They can offer advice on the best flooring options for your specific needs, assist with measurements and installation considerations, and provide personalized recommendations based on their experience and knowledge.

Returns and Exchanges

In case you are unsatisfied with the flooring received or if there is a discrepancy with the order, returning or exchanging flooring materials can be more complicated and time-consuming when purchased online. It’s essential to review the online retailer’s return policy and understand any associated costs or requirements.

To mitigate these problems of buying flooring in Cornwall, consider requesting physical samples before making a purchase, reviewing detailed product descriptions and specifications, checking customer reviews, and ensuring you understand the retailer’s return policy or getting an idea of what you are looking for and purchasing of a local supplier who has been trading for at least 5 years. Additionally, consulting with flooring professionals or visiting local stores can provide valuable guidance and insights before making a final decision. 

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