Laminate Flooring AC6 Oak AN 8141

Laminate Flooring AC6 Oak AN 8141


Laminate Flooring AC6 Oak AN 8141 , Heavy Duty & Intense Commercial

Unilin Locking System

Moisture Resistant

Luxury Laminate Flooring AC6 Oak AN 8141


1.AC6 rated laminate flooring (12mm Thick) is the highest recognised abrasion criteria rating signifying suitability for very heavy and intensive commercial use.

2. Dimensional stability - Allows to install a house of 144 m2 with NO profiles, when the sum of the size of all rooms complies with 12 x 12 m.
3. Kitchens and Bathrooms (domestic use) Due to low swelling HDF - Suitable flooring for the most domestic humid demanding areas. Sealed edges with paraffin to provide an extra
barrier. (10 years warranty for domestic use)
4. Lifetime warranty (domestic)
5. 15 years warranty (commercial)
6. Ecolabel Certification (raw materials + manufacturing process) - Ecolabel certifies products with a guaranteed, independently verified low environmental impact. To be awarded the EU Ecolabel,
flooring products should meet high environmental standards throughout their entire life cycle: from raw material extraction through production and distribution to disposal. The label also encourages companies to develop innovative products that are durable, easy to repair and recyclable.
7. Carb2 norm - low formaldehyde emission,






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