Discover the ultimate adhesive solution for your luxury vinyl tile with STAUF D 50. This fibre reinforced PVC-design covering adhesive is specially formulated to provide superior hold and durability without compromising on flexibility. Trust STAUF D 50 to bond your LVT securely and seamlessly, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts.

STAUF D 50 - 14KG

Fibre reinforced PVC-design covering adhesive, designed for LVT.

Special features
good wetting property
high final strength
stable adhesive grooving
Suitable for installation of
CV coverings
PVC homogeneous/heterogeneous, with PVC foam backing, quartz-vinyl tiles
PVC sports floor coverings for area and point elastic constructions
LVT (luxury vinyl tiles)
Suitable subfloors
calcium sulphate (flow) floors
Raised access floors
wooden planks, wood fibre boards
STAUF levelling compounds
chipboards (P4 to P7), OSB boards (OSB/2 to OSB/4)
unlaminated gypsum fibre boards
cement floors
Coverage: 50/60M2